KCTS 9 Special


Latinos: The Changing Face of Washington

KCTS 9 Special - Latinos

KCTS 9's Enrique Cerna, the son of Mexican immigrants, traces his Yakima Valley roots and explores the growing presence and contributions of Latinos who are helping to shape the future of Washington state.


KCTS 9/InvestigateWest Special - Wandering Through personal stories, KCTS 9 and InvestigateWest explore the high incidence of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease going missing or wandering. The documentary examines several sides of this serious problem. Can we do more to save lives?


KCTS 9/Earthfix Special - COAL

The Northwest is square in the middle of a controversial global debate: Should the region build export terminals that would open lucrative markets for the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel at a time when the planet is facing a climate crisis? As the U.S. economy continues to struggle, can the country afford not to? COAL is a KCTS 9/EarthFix original documentary.


June 18, 2013 10:47 pmCoal


Should coal export terminals be built in the Northwest? A KCTS 9/EarthFix original documentary.Episode
April 22, 2013 6:17 pmBeneath the Surface: An EarthFix Special

Beneath the Surface: An EarthFix Special

A host of concerns threatens our treasured Northwest waters. Dive beneath the surface with EarthFix to learn about the unseen dangers and their impacts on area fisheries, marine life, and tribal communities.Episode
December 27, 2012 11:47 pm History Making

History Making

A KCTS 9 special produced in association with MOHAI, tells three distinct stories: General Strike, Desolation Adventure, and Lake Union Stories.Episode