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01.05.14: Downton Abbey 4 – Be Prepared

Downton Abbey 4 01.05.14

Have you been catching up on your Downton Abbey? KCTS 9 is replaying series 2 Sunday nights at 10pm in October and November. In December, we’ll air series 3 on Sunday nights at 8 and 9pm—please note, they are stacked up marathon-style, so make sure you set aside time for a cuppa and some Downton (or clear space on your DVR)!

As always, episodes are available to view online, free of charge, beginning the Monday after broadcast (U.S. only). For series 2 and 3, the repeat episodes are online for just one week from the Sunday night broadcasts—make sure to watch while they’re free!

Below is the replay schedule for seasons 2 and 3 of Downton Abbey as of October 16, 2013. You can also click here to pull up our online schedule information any time.
Series 2 Replay Schedule – Sundays, October & November at 10pm
Series 2 Premiere (EP 1/7):

  • 10/13, 10pm-midnight (2 hours)
  • Repeats 10/17 at 1am
  • Online until 10/20 at video.KCTS9.org and Roku’s PBS channel

Series 2 EP 2/7

  • 10/20, 10-11pm (1 hour)
  • Repeats 10/24 at 1am
  • Online until 10/27

Series 2 EP 3/7

  • 10/27, 10-11pm (1 hour)
  • Repeats 10/24 at 1am
  • Online until 11/3

Series 2 EP 4/7

  • 11/3, 10-11pm (1 hour)
  • Repeats 11/6 at 1am
  • Online until 11/10

Series 2 EP 5/7

  • 11/10, 10-11pm (1 hour)
  • Online until 11/17

Series 2 EP 6/7

  • 11/17, 10-midnight (2 hours)
  • Online until 11/24

Series 2 Christmas Special or Finale EP 7/7

  • 11/24, 10-midnight (2 hours)
  • Online until 12/1

Series 3 Replay Schedule – Sundays in December at 8pm and 9pm
Series 3 Premiere & EP 2/7 (EP 1 & EP 2)

  • 12/8 starting at 8pm (3 hours)
  • EP 1 repeats 12/14 at 3a
  • EP 2 repeats 12/15 at 3a
  • Both episodes online until 12/15

Series 3 Episodes 3, 4 and 5/7

  • 12/15 starting at 8pm (3 hours)
  • EP 3 repeats 12/21 3a
  • EP 4 repeats 12/21 4a
  • EP 5 repeats 12/22 3a
  • All three episodes online until 12/22

Series 3 EP 6/7

  • 12/22 at 9pm (2 hours)
  • Repeats 12/28 at 3a
  • Online until 12/29

Series 3 Christmas Special/Season Finale EP 7/7

  • 12/29 at 9pm
  • Repeats 1/4 at 3a
  • Online until 1/5

Do you Roku? Download the PBS channel to access Downton Abbey episodes and more.


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So I just finished watching the end of season four and being an absolute fanatic about this show I have to admit I was very dissapointed... I think many fans will agree they should get rid of the character Rose (so boring)! Edith's story was very drawn out with no resolution of the missing lover!

The absence of Matthew is truly felt which is where the season starts six months after his death and Mary in perpetual state of mourning until someone helps her snap out of it.. There was a surprise for her via Matthew which was exciting for her character.

Season ended with what I thought the best story plot then just got ridiculous... Anna and Bates who love each other so much for three seasons...(something horrible does happen to Anna but only Mrs Hughes figures it out) Anna completely shuts down to Bates (which I get) but then I was left thinking the worst of Bates and not because of the season ender but his dead ex wife as well. ( is this guy a killer of evil or what's' the deal)???? He certainly has a sinister way about him!

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