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Recipe: The Indian Summer - A British and Indian Gin Fizz

Recipe: The Indian Summer - A British and Indian Gin Fizz

Mohini Patel Glanz is a freelance photographer and blogger. She is the creator of MangoPowerGirl.com, where she shares stories of food and culture. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram

'I Want to Be Challenged Every Day': Q&A with Poldark's Heida Reed

Author Pam Stucky was delighted to chat with actress Heida Reed, who plays Elizabeth Chynoweth on Poldark, about Iceland, Poldark, acting and life! Find out more about Pam at pamstucky.com, read more of her work at The Huffington Post, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Masterpiece’s Newest Series, Indian Summers, Sizzles with Drama

It made world-wide news when the producers announced that one of PBS’ most beloved and captivating series, Downton Abbey, was coming to an end. Though nothing can replace the special place Downton Abbey will forever have in our hearts, there is a new wave of enticing dramas coming to KCTS 9. Poldark was the first, and it came and conquered; now it’s time for Indian Summers

Hispanic Heritage Month: Latinos in Literature

The Hispanic and Latino community is highly diverse; it is comprised of a rich variety of cultures, each with their own linguistic, literary and storytelling traditions. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we welcome you to explore books by Latino authors whose novels immerse readers in the rich culture and lifestyle, while introducing characters and situations that speak on a universal level.

Women Who Inspire: Erin Guinup

Last month, KCTS 9 celebrated Women Who Inspire with special programming and online features, and this month we continue honoring national and local women who have changed our society and community. Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with local voice teacher, performer, conductor, and composer Erin Guinup, who is currently working on the show The Ladies of Lyric and Song.

Walt Disney: American Experience — The Man Behind the Magic

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

Many know Walt Disney through his classic films and cartoon counterpart Mickey Mouse, but who was the man behind the magic—the man who created some of the world’s most well-known characters? Explore the life and legacy of Walt Disney, one of America’s most enduring and influential storytellers, in Walt Disney: American Experience. This four-hour film tells the story of the man who founded and built the iconic entertainment empire that still thrives today.

Like This Book by a Male Author? (Try this one next!)

Books help us see things from a new perspective; they teach us new things and, above all, they have the power to inspire. And for every great book written by a man, one could argue that there is a great book written by a woman just waiting to be read. Last month KCTS 9 celebrated Women Who Inspire through programs, local interviews and more. This month, we’re extending that theme by bringing you a treasure trove of books by inspirational female authors.

When Scary Things Happen: How to Prepare Your Family for the Unexpected

In honor of National Preparedness Month, PBS Kids is premiering two new, storm-themed episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Arthur. Featuring the characters we love, these new adventures show families how to prepare for some of life’s unexpected situations and how to best cope with these challenges.

Arthur & George on MASTERPIECE: The Game is On

Martin Clunes is at it again, this time as the legendary author and Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in  the new MASTERPIECE series, Arthur & George.  Adapted from Julian Barnes’ acclaimed novel of the same name, the three-part series tells the true story of the case that inspired the great author to put down his pen and turn detective. 

Hurricane Katrina 10 Years Later - The Northwest Responds

Hurricane Katrina 10 Years Later - The Northwest Responds - KCTS 9 and KOMO 4

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, many are looking back at how people rallied around each other at that time, at how recovery has been difficult and uneven but at times triumphant, at how the storied city of New Orleans has rediscovered its rhythm.

The people of the Pacific Northwest may be thousands of miles away, but were quick to send help to the victims of Katrina. When the Bush Administration struggled to address the scale of the crisis, people from across the country and around the world answered the call to action.

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