About the Episode

About the Episode

State lawmakers convene for a 105-day session starting Jan. 10, and most of their work will be focused on balancing a $4.6 billion deficit in the next two-year budget. Governor Chris Gregoire has proposed huge cuts, including eliminating the state’s Basic Health and other critical programs. Senior producer Ethan Morris talks with legislative leaders about their plan to balance the budget while saving important programs and protecting the most vulnerable in the state.

Chapter 1: Singing the Budget Blues

Chapter 2: The Unkindness Budget Cuts

Chapter 3: Legislative Leaders

Chapter 4: Insiders Roundtable Discussion - January 7, 2011

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Washington's Budget Crisis - January 7, 2011


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Will these budget cuts be the end of kcts 9 if they go through?


Hi Guest,

Gov. Gregoire's budget cuts in 2011-2012 will not mean the end of KCTS 9. KCTS 9 does not rely on state funding to operate. Individual contributions from KCTS 9 viewers make up over 70% of our annual budget. Federal funding and grants make up most of the rest.

KCTS 9 Staff

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