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In Washington state, two people die each day from prescription drug overdoses -- one of the highest rates in the nation. We examine prescription drug abuse, and concerns about a new state law aimed at curbing the problem.

Chapter 1: Prescription Drug Abuse

Chapter 2: Interview with Sean Riley and Carol Smith

Chapter 3: Insiders Roundtable

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Watch: Prescription for Abuse | KCTS 9 Documentary

Prescription Drug Abuse - January 27, 2012


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There are many prescriptions that are used by youngsters to get a high. They are abusing the medical prescription and in turn spoiling their health. This page gives a very good description of what they do with it. Thanks a lot for sharing this page.
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The United States leads the world in the number of people taking addiction prescription drugs. The financial cost to the nation from prescription drug abuse and dependence is in the billions. The infographic below gives you a brief look at the profound degree of this epidemic. Indeed, according to Government reports, an estimated 20 percent of U.S. citizens have used prescription drugs for non medical reasons.

Here is an astonishing infographic with easy to understand facts you won't believe



I'm seeking info on the immunity for overdose of drugs for 911 calls seen on a resent program befor i print sign, a rcw no. would work.
Thank you.
The Towne Cryer


Thanks for addressing this serious problem. What are the contributions to this problem of prescriptions for pain killers by dentists? These prescriptions are often not completely used and may be around homes and taken by others in the home. How often might they be the start of a prescription drug addiction?


I do not agree with the methadone program my reason being that almost everyone I know on this program sell their meth and go by heroin so what good is that doing for the addict that suffers? I never did heroin in my life but ended up addicted to methadone and put on the program and was given my drug of choice for 10 years until I got so out of control with the dosing I had to find my own way out. My methadone doctor knew she was giving me my drug of choice but that did not matter.This methadone program angers me somebody needs to make a change because it isn't working for most opiate addicts!!!


This was a wonderful expose. There was a very obese physician in the panel that spoke who mentioned a drug for chronic pain patients that seemed to be working well in place of narcotics. I did not take notes during this program and should have. I would like to know the pain physician's name or the name of the drug he mentioned in this program so I can discuss this with my physician. Thank you for showing this program.
Michele in Bonney Lake


Hi Michele,

It sounds like you are referring to our recent documentary Prescription for Abuse, discussing the same topic. The panel discussion you are referring to can be watched online here. Hope this helps.

KCTS 9 Staff

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