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Can technology help people who are living with ALS? In this episode, we take a look at a University of British Columbia engineering competition that challenges students to improve the quality of life for ALS patients.

Chapter 1: ALS Inventions

Chapter 2: Living with ALS

Chapter 3: Autism Epidemic

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ALS Help - August 5, 2011


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It is 4:30 am as I write this, not able to sleep and fortunately saw an article on PBS about the Design Competition established by Jim McEwen.

Many years ago my Father, Jim Clark passing away from his ALS. During his decline into the disease, one of the major daily problems became interaction with clothing. I am sure you find this

Through this experience and also through working in Disability support at UBC for 10 years, it became more and more evident to me that the Fashion/Garment Industry needed encouragement to embrace the clothing needs of the ALS community and all People with disabilities.

In responce to this I have launched the 1st Annual Fashion Moves Garment Design Competition to create a bridge between the Fashion/Garment Industry and People with disabilities.

I look forward to an opportunity to chat with you about this work and explore ways that your organization and all ALS organizations can become involved.

Thank you for your time. Bye for now.

Ruth J Clark
Fashion Moves
Kamloops, B.C.

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