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Washington State became the seventh state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage, but less than 4 hours later a referendum was filed to take the issue to the voters. This hotly-debated topic may be far from over. Insiders Roundtable moderates a debate between two local religious leaders, with views falling on both sides of the issue.

Marriage Rights in Washington State


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Marriage is a legal concept such as a (business) partnership agreement. Therefore, same sex "partnership Marriage agreements" are totally logical. When a couple marries in a church...they are NOT legally married until the license is signed...a license that must be obtained from the state.


This is good as far as it goes, well-articulated on both sides and the warm cordiality between the two pastors was a welcome change from much public debate these days, but it is limited in the sense that virtually all the arguments presented here in opposition to same-sex marriage were religiously based. It would be interesting to hear this issue debated from an entirely secular, public policy standpoint.


Thanks for doing this segment. This is a very tough issue. I appreciate the coverage that you give to this important issue. I was very moved by Pastor Holland Lewis and the way he carried himself within the interview. Obviously he disagreed on many points but kindly and respectfully carried himself as a true Christian should. Exuding Love.

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