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We host a pro/con discussion on I-502, which proposes to license and regulate marijuana production, distribution, and possession. Proponents say I-502 will bring additional tax revenues to the state and save on criminal justice costs. Opponents remind that marijuana is still a federally illegal, controlled substance, and presents great danger to children should guidelines be loosened.

I-502: Marijuana Law Reform


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The facts simply don’t support the public perceptions. We ought to be really worried about the legal opioid drugs that young people are actually overdosing on and not those that absolutely no one overdoses on.


I misspoke a couple of times because of nerves.

First, it's about 800,000 arrests nationally, not federally.

Second, I-502 legalizes industrial hemp with less than .3% THC, not .03%.

Third, the Truth campaign cost about 324 million between 2000-2003. We prevented roughly 1.9 billion in medical costs.

Other than that, everything is accurate. Come on, Yakima County! Let's pass this!

And Beth, please check out exactly what I-502 will do here: http://www.newapproachwa.org/content/about-initiative. Marijuana is not a gateway drug like many have been lead to believe. Even the Institute of Medicine agrees with me here. Whether one uses drugs (alcohol and tobacco included) or moves on to harder drugs is due to a number of factors: social standing, employment, predisposition to risk taking, mental health, education, what the drug dealer is selling, etc.


Major kudos to Alex Newhouse for again telling the truth about Marijuana and shutting down the lies of the opposition! The opposing gentleman has not done his research and is using old Harry Anslinger tactics which will not and do not work anymore! You can't just say something isn't true without the FACTS to back it up! I also see the man that opposes I-502 has no faith in humanity as he feels adults who consume Marijuana would rather buy it from the street instead of a legitimate legal regulated store


I-502 is a slippery slope. I understand the arguments of the proponents. However, we know Marijuana is a gateway drug. This will make the drug (and it is a drug) increasingly available to kids--even very young ones. Mom and day have it and the kids are going to see that. An interesting example of what is OK. Our agency works with many folks who started their addiction with pot and alcohol. And is is illegal federally. And it looks like that will continue.


Actually, if you type "ASA v DEA" into any search engine then you will find that schedule 1 is in court NOW. The group Americans for Safe Acess has sued the Drug Enforcement Agency for "capricious and arbitrary" scheduling ( translated: For lying about the medical use and risk). It has taken over a decade since the last time this was heard in court.At that time, DEA adminstrative judge Francis Young declared cannabis to be " the safest therapeutic drug known to man". The ADMINSTRATION of the DEA CHOSE to OVERRULE this court decision and it has taken all this time to bring it back to court.


Beth, please see my comment above. Thank you for the time you took to watch. It is appreciated!


@Beth It's obvious you have not done your research. In order to convince anyone of what you believe, you need to research the FACTS ie peer reviewed studies. First Marijuana is not a gateway drug Prohibition is the gateway along with lies! this has been proven time and time again, Second, since Marijuana is Not legalized or regulated it is easily attainable and more available to our children. Third just because there are people who Choose (and they are choosing to by choice) to make irresponsible choices after they consume marijuana doesn't mean the millions of responsible adults who consume cannabis are doing the same. You can quote me on this although at this very moment marijuana is federally illegal NOW I promise you it will change VERY SOON ! I invite you again to please dig deep and do the research it will open your eyes to the lies we all have been told about this plant. One last thing kids see MoMs and Dads do a lot of things but it's up to the parents to have an open and honest conversation about the Truthfful dangers of drugs not the draconian lies that started the prohibition of marijuana over 75 years ago btw isn't it odd that noone has ever overdosed nor has anyone been killed by using marijuana ever! Yet people die everyday from using over the counter drugs like aspirin, Advil, ibuprophen, or federal approved doctor prescribed medicine like OxyContin , Vicodin etc. (by the way kids see mom and dad take these as well). So again Beth please stop spreading lies educate yourself on this instead of spreading old lies of a failed war on marijuana and vote Yes on I-502!!!

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