Neuroengineering: Where the Neuron Hits the Silicon at Tacoma Science Café

Martes, 8 Octubre 2013 - 6:30pm
The Swiss Pub, Tacoma Click here for Map

Tom Daniel, Ph.D., Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering, University of Washington

With new advances in tiny low-power electronics, information technology, and neurosciences, researchers can now interact with living nervous systems in ways that reveal how they compute and how decisions are made. At the October Tacoma Science Café, join UW’s Tom Daniel, Ph.D., to explore this intersection of nervous systems, computers, and engineering, including how we can build things that help people with mobility disorders or those that are inspired by living computers. Download the PDF flyer.

Tacoma Science Café is held on the second Tuesday of each month. Did you miss a café and want to hear the discussion? Most Science Cafés are recorded by KCTS 9 and are available for online viewing. Tacoma Science Cafés take place at The Swiss Pub and are presented in partnership with Pacific Science Center and KCTS 9.