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I LOVE THIS FILM! AS a child of the 60s myself I still live this lifestyle in the woods of the pacific northwest.
I was so excited to see this film and find out there is still others like me here in the woods.
We build our own homes with composting toilets, solar and big gardens and fruit trees. We live with the wildlife in the peace and quiet this is the life. I still cannot understand why everyone does not live this way.
It is all about the values we believe in. Why would anyone want to work for someone else to buy GMO foods and never have the free time and the wonderful lifestyle we have. Yes it is hard work but its much better then spending all day working for someone else then coming home so tired and just turning on the boob tube. No one can blame us for the corporations taking over the world today we tried to warn you.
I want to teach others how to come back to the woods and live this way.
Really it is time for others to come back to the garden. PEACE


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