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I love an aging hippy who still embraces the values , thank you . I never gave up..I am on this path for life...and what have I done? After landing on Gaskins Farm (Commune)at the age of 19 in 1974...where I got educated about soyfoods and vegetarian diet...I have owned and operated a traveling tea house for the past 20 years....the Casbah Tea House....we winter in Arizona and every summer we have set off on a caravan of vehicles and crew, traveling with a gypsy wagon kitchen...serving Chai and organic veggie food...we set up a camp at several NW festivals....Faerie Worlds, Beloved Sacred Art & Music, Wellsprings Peace Village Fair, Hope Mountain Barter Fair,Hemp Expo, Shrewsbury Ren Fair...cook,serve, sing and dance...clean up, pack up and go do it again....alot of work...alot of fun...we travel with Egyptian tents and carpets and pillows and create an ambiant chill zone ...check out our you tube videos website is down at the moment ..check my FB page too . Come with me to Ze Casbah where the hippies to have you travel with us and make a film....Peace Carol Ann


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