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MJones and I share a problem with trick fingers that results in typos which people enjoy taking digs at when they have nothing ot not to contribute . . . sorry to see that happen in a forum that caters to intelligent people with a wide enough experience of life to no criticize our little imperfections . . .
When KTCS 9 Staff responded that yes, we can prepare the Guinness Stew in a slow cooker, he/she/they neglected to mention HOW that could be accomplished. What is/are the additional time(s) required?

This little paragraph (or two) required five minutes to proof and edit while fighting with dyslexia, a hiccup in my fingers, and cataracts. I hope that the guest who chose not to identify him/herself appreciated my abilities to communicate, since a typo or two was so difficult for hin/her to deal with.


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