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I have lived in and among the coal mines of Campbell Co Wy for over 50 years. You are mistaken about the reclamation of the mines. I have seen first hand what a great job the mines do to reclaim the land. It is usually better or at the same level after it has been mined than before. I know for a fact that they even go as far as to take counts of mice and other small animals to make sure that they are re introduced at the same level as prior to mining. I own a business that is located less than 1 block from the train tracks that carry coal every day. I do not ever see coal dust on my vehicles or buildings either. Who ever is spreading these falsehoods about the threat of coal dust etc. Have no knowledge of the truth.

No I am not employed by a mine. So I have no reason to lie. I just want the truth to get out that this is the cleanest burning source of coal in the World.


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