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I'd really like to see the coal companies FIRST clean up massive areas of coal mining pits that were supposed to be returned to useful purposes; perhaps restore the aquifers as well?? First things first - then, after showing true character and commitment, come to the increased export discussion table.... How can they ruin the land and disrupt water sources - make it "GONE" - not restore anything, and still tell us how much good they'll do for the economy and global warming?? It seems like the usual manipulative corporate "double speak" in any situation where big profit is the main goal.... We all know what coal dust has historically done to human lungs - I wonder what difference the lungs experience between "dirty coal" and "clean coal" dust over time and exposure??
Many sides to this question - sometimes opposing research and fact-finding are minimized to help promote a particular position. May the correct, most pertinent, and most important facts prevail to positively impact future generations and our fragile environment!!


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