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The film puts up a lot of great arguments, but I really wonder where they got their information! Not once did anyone talk about what Asia is currently burning, nor that the PRB coal is cleaner by a significant degree! They will burn the coal they can get. We could sell them better, cleaner coal, and pocket the profits, or we can stop the flow and let the pollution from the dirty coal continue to come here. Selling our coal is a win/win situation. Blocking the export costs us the income and encourages greater pollution coming across the Pacific. Most of the issues are minor compared to what will happen if they continue to burn the coal they are currently burning.

White man killed off the Indian way of life. The farmers, ranchers, and other businessmen are just as much to blame as anything else!

If the lady doesn't know what the dust is, she should maybe have it anylised! Montana has a lot of dust too!

The dams destroyed a lot of land too! Some fish species have disappeared because of them!

The mayor of Seattle reported a 2 per cent loss in weight as the train comes across country. How much of that is water loss? PRB coal is up to 28% water as it comes out of the ground!

And what does the Apollo Lunar Mission have to do with any of this?



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