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Pancakes will get heavy and tough if you flip them more than once. If you wish to test a pancake for doneness, use a toothpick or the tines of a fork or just gently press on the pancake and if it is done it will spring back where you have touched it. Use only a medium to medium low heat as well. High heat will burn them too fast. Always use a cast iron pan to cook pancakes or stainless steel, using half oil and half butter to grease the pan, let the oil mix start to barely shimmer before you add your batter. Practice with one small pancake to start.... remember not too hot of a burner, whether it is gas or electric. You also want a burner to fit the pan's bottom. A large skillet should go on the larger burner. I often heat my skillet as I am mixing the batter so that it is capable of frying 3 smaller pancakes rather than one large one and the browning will be more even. You could also try a combo of coconut flour, sorghum flour, tapioca flour, potato flour and quinoa or even amaranth flour. Bob's Red Mill makes some nice flour mixes. Rice flour is nice, but brown rice flour is often too gritty and it is like having seeds in your breakfast.


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