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Karen, the pizza dough recipe might be found online through Google search which I prefer to Bing. Found the recipe, years ago, in either 'Woman's Day' magazine, or 'Family Circle' magazine, (do remember that was when I was in my 20's, now I'm 60), and used the recipe for better tasting and festive 'Homemade Pizza Parties' when my children were small, and brought it back out when they were in high school and Jr. high and they loved it again -- making it with home-ground whole wheat flour makes for a different heartier flavor which can take 'more' globs of 'homemade pizza sauce' (which is cans of Tomato Paste, Tomato Sauce, sugar to taste, light sprinkle of salt, Garlic sprinkles NOT garlic salt, with either 'Italian Seasoning' dried herbs, or fresh or dried 'Basil' in season, and 'Oregano' flakes or fresh cut-up in season -- make the sauce to your taste and that of your family, even dried 'Onion Flakes' can be added to the sauce, occassionally, for extra flavor -- it is fun to experiment as the 'food chemistry' of the different ingredients like onion or garlic can either make it a pleasure or a flop-of-taste sensation). Sorry, but 'Totally' 'Homemade' is not using 'boxed' or 'frozen' doughs or mixes, for they contain chemical perservatives in them that bind themselves to the fiber and make those commercially prepared things 'bitter to the taste' to me, and cause 'Crohns-like' gastrointestinal problems inside of me, maybe in others too -- have not had the problems when grinding my own wheat to use in my 'true homemade' recipes. (Some restaurants are the same way, 'truely' cook 'homemade', and their food tastes better !) ! -- Enjoy. (


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