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this entire recipe is 'nutritious', though cannot really comment on the the 'meatless' 'soy-stuff' (?).

Even the 'salt-to-taste' can be 'low-salt' in your mind, because you only have to 'sprinkle' the 'Iodized' Salt on /or, in your cooking to make it 'Low-Salt' -- should always be Iodized Salt !

'Low Calorie' is based on 'how-much' you make your portions 'in-size' like, of this 'nutritious' recipe -- as when is 'cheese' not good for you ?, and when are 'eggs' not good for you ? -- All when eaten 'in moderation', or 'serving sized' based 'by you' to be a bit 'thin' or 'heavier' in your own body ?

My one Grandmother lived to be 105 years old and she raised her own garden and she fed her husband eggs fried in bacon-fat grease, or lard, (as did my neighbor when I was a child because they didn't have any stores close by to buy the 'commercial'-based 'Crisco' to use, nor Olive Oil -- which I use alot now for my husband), and Grandma also fed him homemade, 'Hot' Oatmeal for his breakfast too, which has been proven, I understand, to reduce cholesterol in the body, and he lived into his early 90's. Also understand that 'whole' grains do help one to be lower in weight than 'commercially prepared' foods, because I do believe, from experience, that 'home-ground wheat' and 'real' homemade recipes and foods, 'do satisfy' the taste-buds, and satisfy the body's hunger nerves, so one eats less and are satisfied for longer periods of time, as does 'a little bit of meat' in my daily diet, from experience, ('prayed' over 'blessed in thanks' for it's goodness, just as you put it on the table, just works together).

Started grinding my own wheat at the encouragement of my Jewish Dr. while my husband served in the military, because I was suffering from 'Crohn-like' symptoms of gastrointestinal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea and more while pregnant with my 3rd child, especially after eating the commercially-made foods, and fruits and vegetables out of the stores, he told me to avoid those because they had 'preservatives' sprayed upon them for shipping and for sale in the stores to keep them looking fresh and colorful for the consumer.

So went home and bought a wheat-grinder (had my own wheat storage to grind, which was a previous gift), and started grinding my own wheat into flour to use daily. When I ran out of flour, the 'Crohns-like' symptoms would return and stay until I started using my home-ground wheat flour in my own recipes and meals (even in gravies, for instance).

For vegetables I cooked 'frozen' vegetables with no salt added (only put a sprinkle in my gravies, and homemade soups that I added wheat kernels and barley kernels to, besides rice kernels, and sometimes split peas for extra nutrition and 'bulk' for my bowels). Drank only 'orange juice' that didn't look too 'yellow' for that dye also gives me those disease symptoms (as does 'orange', blues and greens'), and fresh oranges (which was the only fruit I could eat after birthing my son because I then got migraines from an 'after-birth infection', and the oranges just seemed to 'help' reduce the severity of the migraines and calm the nerves in my head).

When in college and wanting to take off some weight, my physician father encouraged me that instead of eating '2 pieces' of chicken for Sunday lunch and instead of eating '2 rolls' for lunch too, that it might be better to just eat '1 roll and 1 piece of chicken' for lunch, and save the other one for supper that night, and the same with an apple, eating only 'half' per meal -- though I really prefer to eat a whole fruit now because the 'refrigerated' fruit doesn't taste as good as the 'fresh' opened or cut fruit, and not that many calories more in size when eaten whole.

Decide for yourself, using some 'common-sense', what you eat, and the portion sizes, AND, how wholesome you want to eat... (don't rely on what 'experts' TELL you to do.

-- Just remembering that 'homegrown', or 'homemade' (made from basic ingredients that you put together yourself, to make your meals and recipes, (instead of the commercially-made stuff-stuff), is much, 'more' better for all of your body -- also, remember, that 'Wheat For Man' is true, (it saved the life of my baby and he was not born with defects of any kind, thanks to that kind, Jewish Obstetrition giving me some good counsel and wisdom. The food I used was not 'Kosher', but I thanked God myself, every time, for the new knowledge, and the good wholesome food that twas now eating, and feeding to my little children, and which solved the problems in my body, making me more happy and glad each day for the good inside feelings and from the better health I was now enjoying).

Also, forgot, if you read ingredients on commercially-produced foods, when they are labeled as 'low-salt', they UP the Sugar content in the food, and when they say 'low-sugar', they UP the amount of Salt in the food, like in dairy products like 'Cottage Cheese', so why not just buy the 'regular' Cottage Cheese, as the other is just a nomer, false- healthy thing' which you pay more for.

Just try and enjoy their recipes, here -- just use less salt -- and just use some common sense on how much you eat in each portion after.

AS a TV chef in Utah used to say, "ENJOY" !


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