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I would disagree that the two most attractive characters in the show were killed off. Sybil certainly. But Matthew was a wimp. His blonde shock of hair was quite attractive but I, for one, was tired of his apologizing to Mary every time she disagreed with something sensible that he said. He had no gumption. He asked her why she had to be such a bitch to Edith (of course he didn't use that word but should have)and then immediately told her he would love her to eternity. Ugh! Guess he did. Our moderator says Matthew brought out the best in Mary. Just which moments did I miss? The real crime was not in killing Matthew off but using the same plot line twice. Both Sybil and Matthew were killed off the moment they produced a heir. Couldn't we have had something different?

Love Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore. Two salf-of-the-earth characters - good common sense, keen observers, and kind-hearted. Only thing, why didn't Mrs. Patmore see what a dolt her would-be suitor was the minute he kept sticking his grubby finger in her cooking. Ugh, again.

Could Matthew return in the form a different actor? Yes, why not? He may not be really dead. Just in a coma. He's been comatose with Mary all season. And, remember, he wasn't really crippled. Wasn't really impotent. So perhaps he's not really dead.


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