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This is a really well-thought out take on the episode/season! Thank you for sharing.

I have to say that even though Robert and Mary weren't amazing human beings this time around, I'm not inclined to hate on them as much as everyone else is. :)

Fellowes is a master manipulator, and a great character writer - which is why the audience gets so attached/enraged at character's leaving the narrative. Honestly if they tried to cheat Matthew's death somehow and pull a "coma" situation or whatever, I'll be as pissed as Annie Wilkes in Misery (when Paul cheats by claiming his main character hadn't died in the last book he wrote). No way, uh-huh. That guy is GONE.

I love/hate JF so much right now! Which is exactly how I feel about one of my other favorite writers, Joss Whedon -- who also kills main characters almost completely out of the blue, and not even for contract-ending reasons, most times. I am definitely excited for Season 4, to see where it goes!!!

I'm hooked, until the sobbing, heartbreaking end.


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