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My take on the Cora/Robert reconciliation. I believe that tears are healing. They have just experienced the worst thing that a parent can have happen: to lose one's child. It just doesn't get worse than this. They have cared for one another, and as frequently happens in the death of a child, a couple grow apart, rather than go towards one another. By standing there, holding one another, crying, they were communicating their mutual grief as well as their commitment to working through this grief together, not apart. They were on the road to a deep emotional separation, and I doubt if Cora could have found her way back. The Dowager Countess, by forcing Dr. Clarkston to let them know that circa 1922 nothing could have been done for Sybil, helped them do something that they probably could not have got to themselves. It was not soap opera. It was information about how to heal from deep, deep hurts. Grief is a deep hurt.


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