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Amie - One can only hope that Cora will stay mad at Robert. Perhaps she will find out that the Dowager manipulated Dr. Clarkson's "confession." I didn't like that final scene of Robert and Cora embracing and sobbing. He's been too big of a jerk to be forgiven so quickly. He continues to believe in patrimony. Why do people call women "bitches'? Robert is a bitch to Tom. And that's quite ironic because, while having a fit at his family being in the same room as a prostitute, he has hired a homosexual to be his valet. Remember Great Britian put homosexuals in prison, even as recently as the 1920s.

@Christine - what could have/should have happened: Sybil and Tom should have gone to American where their American grandmother, whose views are more akin to theirs, would have gotten Tom a job. The couple could visit Downton Abbey from time-to-time. We wouldn't have lost Sybil, whom we all loved.


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