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This episode struck me on what could have happened without medical intervention since I had severe preclampsia in 2011 with my youngest. It started with high blood pressure at 37 weeks, bed rest, induced birth at 39 weeks, and then sent home day after birth even though I thought I had edema. At home I didn't feel right and even though nurses on phone thought my symptoms were typical, I went back to hospital. I was diagnosed with postpartum severe preclampsia which is rare and stayed in hospital for another 5 days. My 2 day old baby also didn't seem right, even though doctor on phone thought it was normal, so my husband took him to Children's Hospital at the same time and he stayed the weekend due to severe dehydration related to my preclampsia. So even in modern times I had to insist on medical treatment for myself and newborn since the doctors and nurses missed the warning signs of preclampsia and dehydration. I thank God that I was assertive since I could have ended up how Sybil was depicted on Downton Abbey and who knows what could have happened to my poor baby. It's been 2 years and we're both fine.


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