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Ir seems to me that Julien Fellows has raised an important issue for all pregnant and to be pregnant women. It shows why we need to have all women have good health care right up to becoming pregnant and while being pregnant. Tonight's episode also showed the Class issue where Lord Grantham was so sure that the "snooty" Sir Phillip's professional opinion was to be followed when he was way out of his league and the local doctor providing the correct information, but as he had said an hour before her death, "We need to do something NOW!" Unfortunately, Tom was not consulted and by the time that he was, it was too late and his decision-powers were compromised by all the feelings that were swirling around all of us, the family as well as the viewers.

I had thought that William was a huge loss, and loosing Sybil is just unthinkable. I sure did not see it coming.


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