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such a sad episode. It's not like this show has that many nice characters on it to kill off the nicest. I agree with the other poster, couldn't they have had her and Tom move to Ireland to raise the baby and come back for visits, like characters have done on tv shows forever. It seems to me Robert is getting more annoying in each show this season. He always seemed like a nice guy before but now he and Granny are getting impossible in their snottiness. (of course that includes the still horrible Lady Mary. Why didn't they kill her off, or O'Brian? Because Lady Mary is so pretty all are bewitched by her, but she is still a b). First they ruin poor Edith's wedding, mainly due to their snottiness, lots of people marry people older or younger than them. Then they are snots to Cora's Jewish mom, oh no, no anti semitism there! NOT!! We want more of your money, but we hate you because you are rich and Jewish, but hurry up and give us more please because we are stupid and too snooty to actually make a living in the world. Then this episode. So sad. Beautifully acted by Elizabeth McGoven, better take Mary off the Emmy list and put on her mom again and her sister.


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