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OMG, this episode nearly killed me! When Lady Grantham sat there with her dead daughter and said "I want to stay with my baby" I couldn't prevent the tears from flowing, and I sobbed so hard because that is exactly how I feel about my now teenaged son, like he is still my baby, and I couldn't bear it if he died! I am sure most of the women watching who were mothers couldn't keep from sobbing at that scene, either. So painful and so real. I had an emergency c-section, BTW, and my son was born 2 months early, but I didn't die of eclampsia or have preeclampsia to deal with, thank God. And my son got the best of care, and thrived/grew for two months in the NICU, and came home a robust and healthy baby. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been back in the 20s to have a baby without any of the modern medicine we now take for granted.


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