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Beverly Novlesky (not verified)

Dear Mary Beth: Here is how to print ONE/1 Page only........Ready???
1.At the top of your Browser Page is the Menu Bar and in the Top left corner you should see the word *FILE*.,....Left Click it.

2.When you've clicked 8FILE* a vertical selection menu will appear and with your cursor, (little white arrow), go down and click on *PRINT PREVIEW*
3. If the recipe is on 2 pages then at the top of your page locate the word *SCALE* and it should be displaying 100%.There should be another drop down MENU to choose from beside the 100% number. Click the next lower number which may be 90% and then scroll down to see if the recipe is all on one page.Repeat if necessary using lower numbers.

4.If the recipe is contained all on one page then Click *PRINT* at the top left corner of your Browser page.
5. If the recipe is on page 3 for example then click Print anyway and you will be given a choice to print *ALL* or *PRINT from PAGE_____ to PAGE_____. Insert the page No. 3 in both blanks of the page your Recipe is located in. So for Example if it happens to be Pg. 3, then insert *3* in both spaces and CLICK OK.

6. Another preview page may or may not appear, in either case all you need to do now is CLICK on PRINT or the little picture of a printer in the top left of your screen and it should print out only the Numbered Page you selected previously..... Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.............Bev Novlesky

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