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I misspoke a couple of times because of nerves.

First, it's about 800,000 arrests nationally, not federally.

Second, I-502 legalizes industrial hemp with less than .3% THC, not .03%.

Third, the Truth campaign cost about 324 million between 2000-2003. We prevented roughly 1.9 billion in medical costs.

Other than that, everything is accurate. Come on, Yakima County! Let's pass this!

And Beth, please check out exactly what I-502 will do here: Marijuana is not a gateway drug like many have been lead to believe. Even the Institute of Medicine agrees with me here. Whether one uses drugs (alcohol and tobacco included) or moves on to harder drugs is due to a number of factors: social standing, employment, predisposition to risk taking, mental health, education, what the drug dealer is selling, etc.


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