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@Beth It's obvious you have not done your research. In order to convince anyone of what you believe, you need to research the FACTS ie peer reviewed studies. First Marijuana is not a gateway drug Prohibition is the gateway along with lies! this has been proven time and time again, Second, since Marijuana is Not legalized or regulated it is easily attainable and more available to our children. Third just because there are people who Choose (and they are choosing to by choice) to make irresponsible choices after they consume marijuana doesn't mean the millions of responsible adults who consume cannabis are doing the same. You can quote me on this although at this very moment marijuana is federally illegal NOW I promise you it will change VERY SOON ! I invite you again to please dig deep and do the research it will open your eyes to the lies we all have been told about this plant. One last thing kids see MoMs and Dads do a lot of things but it's up to the parents to have an open and honest conversation about the Truthfful dangers of drugs not the draconian lies that started the prohibition of marijuana over 75 years ago btw isn't it odd that noone has ever overdosed nor has anyone been killed by using marijuana ever! Yet people die everyday from using over the counter drugs like aspirin, Advil, ibuprophen, or federal approved doctor prescribed medicine like OxyContin , Vicodin etc. (by the way kids see mom and dad take these as well). So again Beth please stop spreading lies educate yourself on this instead of spreading old lies of a failed war on marijuana and vote Yes on I-502!!!


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