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For some reason the Email notification slipped by me. Sigh

It is with sadness that I hear about George Ray’s retirement. However, I understand. After about thirty five years of broadcasting with KCTS I’d think about retiring as well. Not because of the station but because there comes a time we have to admit we need a break. Well done true and faithful servant of KCTS.

My contact with George goes back several years. “KCTS Cooks Cheese back in 2008.” It was a pleasure meeting him on the set. He was sitting on the side lines as we filed in to see what would take place during the show. He called me aside and started asking me some questions. Mainly how to pronounce my last name find out a little more about me and I suspect to put me at ease. I guess I may have seemed a little nervous at the time. It’s not like I’ve never been in front of a camera before.

It put me at ease and I was confident all would be well. He was soft spoken with a generous infectious smile. Somewhat hypnotic if you will. His demeanor was that of an elder with many years of experience calming even the most apprehensive contestant. I appreciated the fact we had the time to chat. I felt much better afterward and knew he would be there to guide me.

I pray that George will be happy in his retirement. Although it may be difficult for him to settle down to retirement. I know I would be hard pressed as well. Erika, (My wife) threatened to find me a job if I didn’t find something to do… Well I did. Sigh

Congratulations George for a job well done. You have been the bulwark of KCTS and have helped guide the station from its meager beginnings to what it is today. You will be missed at the Pledge Drives. It was always nice to see you interacting with those that shared the spotlight with you. You are a gentleman and a scholar. You have done well and I’m sure you will be dearly missed in the hallowed halls of KCTS.


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