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George: I am honored to call you my best friend and over the past 40 years or so we have enjoyed some great moments together - family gatherings, weddings (and funerals), crazy road trips, the unbelievable boating adventures, our famous Yahtzee tournaments, all the memorable visits at the Mount Rainier cabin, you standing up with me on my special day (actually sitting on a stool during the ceremony as it was just before one of your surgeries!), and so much more.

But today, Aug. 3, as I sat next to you at your special retirement party at KCTS, I was especially proud of our friendship because I know what Public Television has meant to you and how you devoted so many years to Channel 9. The tributes from KCTS staff and volunteers, along with the very cool videos compiled by Stephen and the crew, were appropriate celebrations of what you accomplished for Public Television and our community at large.

Even as I write this, tears fill my eyes...I love you and truly value our long standing friendship!!

Jerold B. Smith


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