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So sad, you are not even smart enough to recognize we are a constitutional republic.

This means that we are not ruled by the vigilante mob vote as a Democracy is indeed different.

So sad, your streets are indeed more violent than America. Lets compare starting in 1997 as thats the year you cracked down on firearm ownership.

FBI UCR (US Crime Database) 1997 611 VCR per 100k people, 2010 403 VCR Violent Crime Reported per 100k people.

Since 1997 4.5 mil more firearms purchased by civilians each year (Brady Bunch), 36% reduction in violent crime, 26% reduction in murders, concealed carry reinstated in 16 states, 35 states in eateries serving alcohol, 4 states w 200 universities, and then self defense outside the home reinstated for 25 states with over a dozen pending (castle doctrine).

STATCAN (Canadian Crime Database) 1997 958 VCR per 100k people, 2010 1,282 VCR per 100k people.

Geez, your murders didnt reduce either, fancy that.

Yeah, a person in Canada is over 3 times more likely to be a victim of violent crime than in the US, yet you are safer, LOL, uh yeah right.

Why is it, that your firearm registration system cant prove greater than 52% compliance to date?

Why is it your firearm registration system can only cliam, yes we traced 47 firearms as being stolen, but didnt solve the crime. All for the cost of what, $2 billion plus in taxpayers monies. Thats a $42.552 million per firearm traced, WOW THATS REALLY EFFECTIVE, lol, uh WHO in their insane minds can justify that $42.552 million is a justifiable expense per firearm traced?

Funny how that trend of gun contorl failing to reduce violence exist throughout the world, wherever and when ever it is implemented.

We see your ancestors, England, began keeping crime data records in 1898. They had a murder rate of 1.0 per 100k people and no gun control. In 2010 they had a murder rate of 1.3 per 100k people.

See thats how sane people do a proper data comparison, from an impelementation date to a later date, instead of using the "Idiots guide to abusing statistics 101" with one point comparisons between countries.

Uh I thought you claimed gun control reduced violence? Such a consistent trend.

Since these two are just the tip of your errors, explain again who would ever view such erroneous claims as yours as credible!


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