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I agree with most everything you said as far as the problems in relation to what is being done for those in our society. I also agree with stiffer penalties, but what "rapid-fire" guns do you think are actually available to the public. Machine guns are not readily available to you or me and have been banned for over 80 years now. If you look at Lubys massacre in '91 you see that rapid fire was not an issue. He casually walked up to one person after another pointing and shooting. No ban on any of the guns currently available makes any sense as it has already been proven by the gun ban that was in place when the Massacre at Lubys happened. I also noticed in the video that when asked about a law targeting the criminals,namely the juveniles illegally carrying, that they wouldn't because of a money issue.So you see the point of chasing gun bans and laws going after law abiding citizens is cheaper than doing what is really needed. I have an idea. Lets get rid of all the frivolous pointless laws that do nothing but keep people subject to corporate America and under the thumb of career politician zealots, And use those resources used to ruin, harass, and destroy the lives of people who committed no crimes and use THOSE resources to finally do something about real criminals.


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