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I have to agree that we need to stop the manufacture and sale of rapid-fire guns and stiffen the penalties for anyone using them in shooting rampages. Our founding fathers understood our right to bear arms but machine guns hadn't even been invented yet.

We also need more public discussion on how many mentally-ill gunmen were on an SSRI (psychotropic drug. One brand name is familiar to most people.) when they went on a rampage. Were the Columbine High School shooters on SSRIs? How about the shooter at Virginia Tech or the Aurora, Colorado shooter, James Holmes? Due to confidentiality reasons, the public isn't being told what medications these mentally ill people were being given but we deserve to be made aware of just how dangerous the SSRI drugs can be. I speak from experience: my loved one became manic after being prescribed a "Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor," (SSRI)

There's also a big elephant in the middle of the room here that no one, and I mean no one, is talking about:

We Americans are all assuming that there's nothing that can be done about these mentally ill people going on shooting sprees because we're assuming that mental illnesses are incurable.

The truth is that America's mental health care only provides a diagnosis that is nothing more than a description of the symptoms, along with talk therapy to talk about the symptoms, followed by patented, synthetic drugs in an attempt to control those symptoms. We assume that psychiatrists are running diagnostic lab tests to determine what is CAUSING these mental illnesses but I assure you they DON'T run diagnostic tests. They only provide the palliative care described above. Since only the symptoms are treated, virtually no one is cured. Since no one is cured, most people assume mental illnesses are incurable.

To me it's clear that the real problem is America's failed model of mental health care. With proper medical care, many, if not most, mental illnesses have been curable for the last half century. I (finally) obtained this kind of care for my own mentally ill loved one and he recovered 100%. He's 100% free of psychiatrists and their miserable drugs and leads a good, normal life. James Holmes and the others weren't even given a chance to recover.

The "problem" is that there's no money to be made by curing anyone. Not ONE of America's mentally ill gunmen were ever given the kind of real medical care that would likely have cured them long before they killed anyone. American psychiatric care doesn't work that way. The men were only given palliative care that turned them into psychiatric customers-for-life. That's America's model of mental health care. It brings in billions of dollars annually while curing no one.

And so the shootings continue.


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