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If I wanted to live in fear of people around me taking out guns to either shoot innocent people or to stop the shooter, I would have stayed in the Middle East. The last time I looked around, we are in America and we are suppose to be a civilized society. I hate these people who say the problem is the with the people carrying the gun and not the gun itself. A friend of mine recently tried to argue withe me that the Colorado shooter could have killed people with a knife too. Well my answer was, yes but only one person. I guarantee you, no person in this world can kill more than one person using a knife in less than a minute. There is something really wrong with the law but more important, guns need to be taken off our streets. Bill of Rights were written 200 + years ago during a time where population was much smaller and there were no such crimes. Don't give me the "I have the right to bear arms." I HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE IN PEACE!


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