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T"he risk is commensurate with the number of guns out there in the communities. There's a direct correlation between gun violence and the number of guns out there."

Correlation does not imply causation. I could just as validly argue that high levels of gun violence incite more people to purchase firearms.

"I'm the kind of guy where if I don't see it, it doesn't particularly scare me."

So there could be the same dozen guns there, and as long as you don't see them, you don't have an issue? Are you recognizant of the complete and utter lack of rationality that demonstrates?

"I assume that since she's my daughter, she'd be responsible in the way she handled it."

Why don't other people get the same level of implicit trust? How is your daughter more capable and more responsible than others?

"Right now there are some (gun free zones):
schools, universities, stadiums, courtrooms, bars, the airport"

State law does not prohibit carry on a university campus. The university's section of the WAC does. Each university can set their own rules. But it's a WAC, not an RCW, and therefore does not have any force against people that are not enrolled at the school.

The law does not prohibit you from carrying in a stadium. If the stadium is public property, you carry if you have a CPL, only when the stadium is private property can carrying be prohibited, and by the owner, not by the government.

You can carry at the airport. You cannot carry into the secured area of the airport.

"The truth is that we're not seeking to prohibit gun ownership. We're seeking sensible harm reduction incremental changes that we believe will save some lives."

When's the last time someone was shot and killed in a city park? What lives would have been saved if guns had been banned from parks?


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