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I am a big fan of Brandi and her music but I live in the SW of England and so have never been able to go to see her perform live.Luckily I am able to watch interviews like this one and get great pleasure from hearing Brandi talk about her career, including songwriting, recording and touring. I have managed to get hold of most of her albums and live performances and also I am able to get hold of newspaper and magazine articles and interviews with her. I have to also say that I am so pleased that she has got engaged to Catherine Shepherd, and of course delighted as Catherine is English as I am. I wish them all the luck for their future together and their wedding in September, and I know Catherine is helping Brandi with her Looking Out Foundation and other philanthropic projects. Seeing them posing together I can see they are very much in love and have common interests in music and charity work. If Brandi ever reads this comments I would be delighted. Keep on singing and writing Brandi as you have a great talent plus an endearing smile and a great sense of humour. Hope she and the Twins come back to the UK sometime soon and I will do my best to get to the nearest venue to see her. All my love to Brandi from Bristol.UK. Pauline xx


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