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I am a Reagan Republican and I love Sen Jackson. I enjoyed your show immensly. However, I was deeply disapointed that no one mentioned the profound significance of Sen Jackson's international legacy. May I refer you to the book by Natan Sharansky, "Fear No Evil". In this book, Natan recounts how he spent ten years in the gulag for his crime of supporting the Nobel prize wining physisist Andre Sakarov and human rights in the Soviet Union. Natan states that the three most important people supporting human rights in Eastern Europe and devising means to get the Communists to leave Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, so the people there could have freedom, were Ronald Reagan, Andre Sakarov and our own Sen. Scoop Jackson. Before Reagan, Sen Jackspon wrote the Jackson-Vannick ammendment, tying trade policy to Soviet human rights violations. This fact should be shouted from the mountain tops; Scoop was a great champion of human rights, helping to liberate hundreds of millions of people.


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