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And if gay people actually care about being treated equally as straight people, there is no reason for two institutions for what is legally the same thing - separate but equal is unequal.

Domestic partnerships are not recognized nationwide - in some states, out-of-state domestic partnerships/ civil unions/ marriages of same sex couples are recognized, and in some states only marriages of same sex couples are recognized.

Marriage equality does not change what straight people have, it allows same sex couples to participate in the same institution.

This legislation does nothing to change what will be taught in school.

Nobody will be forced to believe anything is socially acceptable, especially not by a couple having a "marriage" vs. "domestic partnership.

When same sex couples can marry or get a domestic partnership, your ability to teach your child what you want is not changed.

If anything undermines what you teach your child, it is reality and same sex couples that she will see in her life.

Whether gay couples can marry or not, get domestic partnerships or not, you are still free to raise your child with any beliefs you wish, just as anyone else can.

Whether she tells you that Mr Allen's husband or partner came to class, you are still free to teach what you believe - and you will have to explain why you think the world is wrong in various ways anyway, even if they couldn't get a domestic partnership.

But your beliefs and what you want to teach your child are no reason that same sex couples should not be married and their children should not be protected under that marriage.


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