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If all gay people just care about a certificate then they can get a "domestic partnership" certificate. Domestic partnership is recognized nation wide. Gays have their rights, they are recognized. That doesn't mean they should change what straight people have and change what my child will be taught in school, and what my child will be forced to believe is "socially acceptable". By allowing Gays to get "married", it takes away my right as a parent to teach my child what I want to teach her. It undermines what I will be teaching her. I will raise her with morals, christian beliefs and teach her the bible and that Gay is not ok. and then she will go to kindergarten and tell me that Mr. Allens husband came to class today, and I will have to explain to her that the world is wrong in various ways. Oh but you better believe I will teach it to her that Gay marriage is wrong. Gay is wrong. 1 man and 1 woman!


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