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I'd like to say two things.


"The problem is generated by theoretically righteous hate on both sides. Both sides want to own and control the word, "marriage."

I resent that assessment.

Loving gay couples are fighting for their share of the Constitutional pie, and that means a government-issues marriage CERTIFICATE, a CONTRACT.

There is NO religious connotation whatsoever to federal marriage; it is NOT "holy matrimony."

Gay couples see use of ONE version of marriage: the certificate that comes with forming a couple used as a tool on which to build a life.

On the other hand there is "holy matrimony," and gay couples, in most cases, are not pushing for that. Those that are understand that they cannot DEMAND that privilege.

So, you have one side wanting one of the versions, and the other side wanting BOTH all for themselves.

And when your fellow Americans aggressively fight to prevent you from enjoying the SAME rights they themselves are afforded for their citizenship and tax dollars, how SHOULD one respond? That person has made himself your enemy. How would ANYONE feel in such a position? Violated, disrespected, marginalized, and in some cases, as we see every day in this debate, demononized and dehumanized.

Hate is unfortunately a natural response.

I myself struggle to ward it off EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Then somebody, usually a religious person, angrily tells me I'm out to destroy America, or that I'm a threat to the American family, or that I am the personification of Satan himself, and I feel it surge all over again.

And this is ironic, because every single gay person I know simply wants to build a life just life everyone else.

Peacefully and productively contributing to society.

As an aside, as far as gay people allegedly wanting to destroy society and civilization, please let me remind everyone that it was a gay man, Alan Turing, who, during WWII, helped SAVE society and civilization by cracking, among others, the Enigma Code, which ultimately brought down Hitler and the Nazis.

When Mr. Turing, an Englishman (widely known to be "The Father of the Computer," without whom we wouldn't be tapping away on our keyboards) was caught with another man, in a private residence, Mr. Turing was charged with, and eventually convicted of, homosexuality.

A grateful nation's thanks to Mr. Turing's efforts to win WWII?

He was offered a choice of punishment: prison or chemical castration.

Mr. Turing chose the latter and shortly after killed himself.

Point: Gay people are NOT demons deserving of social barbarism. And being gay truly challenges belief in humanity. Mr. Turing's death was very preventable. He could have been treated with compassion, decency, and humanity, but no...we are indeed social barbarians.

And it continues today, each and every time people like Mr. Hutcherson condemn gay people in jaw-dropping statements of cruelty and ignorance.

Having said that, I found my gay brother when he attempted suicide as a teenager. My father's response when he found out what my brother had done? He beat him so badly my brother had bruises and black and blue marks on him for weeks. Today? Today my brother is 39 and still very much gay.

This is intolerable.

And one rejecting Mr. Hutcherson's barbarism is NOT hypocritical if one is a proponent of "tolerance" as a concept. Tolerance has its limits, and tolerance need not yield to willful ignorance and malice.

Thank you for reading, if yoou have.


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