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The eye of the photographer. Doing a close up of the waffles shows the strawberries in great detail as well as the whipped cream. The plate is presented in a nice manner. Using the strawberries in kind of a star pattern is a nice touch. The only thing I might have given though to is, a drizzle of strawberry puree as you mentioned but the picture seems to hide this fact. Other than that it looks appetizing and I look forward to trying these.

When I read this post presented by, “Guest” on 03/23/12 it brought to mind a segment of my childhood. I can remember a conversation or two when I grew up about how candy bars seemed to have shrunk. And you know that seemed right until I was reminded that looking at the world through a ten year olds eyes is much different. The adult world always looks larger. Even at ten…

I commend the person for submitting this mouthwatering recipe that I must try. It will make a nice breakfast or brunch for the family and or friends… Thank you.


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