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You know why most patients who actually need their Meds sell it, because when they lose their job from pain/injury/disability, and then have no income and cannot receive any form of health care coverage, the only way for them to get some relief every month is to sell a portion of their meds. This is not a joke, or a lame tactic. I am fortunate enough to get help from my family, but i bet 85% of people don't. With my thousands in medical bills i have been turned down for every kind of healthcare assistance i can get. i know if i did not get help from my family i would much rather sell half of my meds every month to get some relief instead of none at all. Sadly when i applied it was easy for people to use the system to get benefits, i won't go into details but i am sure most of you already know. SSI will keep you poor, and if you make any money you lose it. Or if you are not a certain ethnic group or few it could take 4 years of no coverage to get medicare. So the whole system is whack!!! I used to do personal loans and i saw first hand the abuse of the system. I also did healthcare billing and collection and yet again i saw the abuse. So if something is done here then you will cut down on diversion. Do the math, $700/ month for SSI, or $4000 a month with SSI selling some meds, or no SSI and still $4000 and up for meds. A guy i went to school with years ago has a house and mercedes paid for by, you guessed it dr shopping.


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