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I will tell you. I am looked at like a criminal. I drive an hour to my doctor. There is not a pharmacy within 100 miles that has my meds, or lies to me about not having them. If they do have them they want $600-$1000 for something i should pay no more than $150 for. I have a prescription right now that i have not been able to fill in two weeks. I have spent abt $200 in gas driving from pharmacy to pharmacy because nobody can tell you if they have it over the phone, then i come home and die because the car hurts after an hour. The DEA has put limits on how much of what a pharmacy can sell, so after the 10th of the month good luck. Oh and we have a database, i thought it would help, i guess not. If you are not in chronic pain, you don't get it. I have some family members who think i am scum, or lazy, because of what is going on thanks to programs like this one. Maybe i can sue them for slander and making my quality of life worse. OH wait that will never happen. The opposing lawyer would say "hey he is lazy and trying to get a quick buck." It's funny how the article from seattle the gov't covers switching people to Nazi made methadone which kills more people and is way cheaper for workmans comp. It all comes down to money. Heck i am sure Allstate was calling me yesterday for this reason. They had questions. I am sure ti will be about my medicine i need after their customer hit my car.


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