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What about people that have real chronic pain. I've been on the same dose of perks since 2005 never increased amount or dose. I did have fentanyl patches for awhile but my dr and insurance company say it's for cancer patients only and stopped them. I have neurothapy and it's very painful. My dr took me off of patches left me on 110 perks 10/325 a month and gave me a allergy pill to help make me tired to deal with the pain. I don't abuse them yet I am punished for being a chronic pain patient. I've been like this since 2005 and have tried trigger joint injections, stellate ganglion block, and various other things. What should someone like me or others with valid pain problems and awareness of the addiction and the stigma that comes with it?

I would gladly listen, I will be seeing yet another pain dr to try and help. Almost feeling like my only help will be THC, which people freak out about too. Heaven help those with chronic pain!!


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