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Shows like this are very upsetting. Sure, they get viewership because they are sensationalist and timely with the issues that have society in an uproar for the moment. However, they are irresponsibly one-sided while being presented as "medically professional". Yes, there are people who abuse pain medicines. But the state's new and historically draconian laws are by no means the answer. This reaction is nothing short of cruel. I suffer from horrendous chronic (and no, "chonic" is not a synonym for "imaginary") pain and am completey unable to function at all without pallative pain medication. Not only can't I function, I am in a state that can only be described as tortured. I invite any of you zealot, know-it-alls to experience a single afternoon of it. You wouldn't make it, I promise. You'd cry like a baby for anything to relieve it. You'd offer your left arm to relieve it. My pain results from a auto accident 8 years ago when I was sitting at a red light and an unlicensed drunk driver mistook my car for her brakes. For 18 mos. I refused all narcotics because I believed in the old party line that they are "bad". After giving in, I still have pain, I still don't function fully by far but it is so much less and life is so much more bearable. If I get breakthrough pain and end up at an ER, I have to endure being treated like a criminal despite the fact that I NEVER request narcotics from them (if the narcotics didn't work at home why use more there?). I am just honest with them when they ask what my meds are. And that attitude is my reward. In fact, if what they try doesn't work and they offer me opiates, I refuse for the reason I just cited. And shows like this one do wonders create the climate that I face in the ER or any new medical situation. I don't have to do ANYTHING to be marked as an addict seeking more drugs, nope, this sort of hysteria does it for me. This sort of unbalanced reporting packaged as a factual, educational show is very much beneath what all of us expect from KCTS 9. It's very sad because there is real suffering and its going to get worse with the "Pain Law" recently passed and your "work" has done nothing but harm to vulnerable people. If you want to pick on something why don't you go after alcohol? There isn't even a legitimate need for that and it causes a great deal of death, medical costs in Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance and lost work time. Or cigarettes? Again, yes, there are pain med abusers, but there are also people who desperately need their meds to have any quality of life (and the decision to put someone on them is NOT taken lightly despite the urban tales that pour in). These are vulnerable, sick people and shows like yours only threaten the bit of quality of life they have some access to. Thanks.


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