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I would like to echo the previous comments about the one-sided nature of this program. As the child of someone who suffers from severe, chronic, and incurable pain, I have seen first hand how these patients are often held responsible for the actions of drug abusers. I find it shocking that there was no mention or representation for the community of responsible pain patients who depend on access to these vital medications to have any quality of life at all.

Already many of these patients, and the doctors willing to treat them, are demonized and treated as near criminals by many in the medical community. The kind of fear-mongering and bias that this program represents only adds to the difficulty of these already suffering souls.

I implore you, KCTS, to do in this arena what you do so well in others. Strive for a balanced and informative view. This kind of stark, black and white logic really is beneath the high level of journalism I have come to expect from you.


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