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In response to Maggie S.' response. I've been in the addiction field on both sides of the fence for many, many years, and your story brings the word "intent" to mind. Your "intent" in taking the narcotic was to relieve your pain, nothing else, plain and simple. I see you for your strength in taking the medication for as long as you did without the hook setting and leading you into a hell that is hard to get out of.

I've heard stories of Vietnam Vets using narcotics in combat to escape the war and when they came back state side they no longer had the need to hide, so, therefore no longer had the need to use narcotics. there "intent" to their usage was to cope with the tragedies of war, not to get loaded. withdrawals were minimal. Now on the other side of the coin were/are the soldiers [whether in war, or personal hell] who use with the "intent" to get loaded and/or maintain addiction. Withdrawals with these individuals are a living nightmare. Luckily this nightmare doesn't last forever.


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