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May I offer a solution? Perhaps to stop the need for ongoing-use pain medication (which can lead to availability for misuse), invest in medical innovation to find real cures/solutions for the medical conditions and injuries that cause chronic pain. Medical science is vastly behind on real life-long solutions for pain, and many people are awaiting a cure and taking medications to get by until that miraculous day comes. As a member of the Chronic Pain Community with first-hand experience, I can tell you that the vast majority would MUCH rather not take our pain medications; we would much prefer a CURE to our condition (Fibromyalgia, torn spinal discs, and much more) and be free from pain and free from all its treatments! And speaking of "all its treatments", I would also like to remind those who suggest alternative treatments that many patients have tried or are using them too. So, to claim "they work" is not true for all, and pushing a variety of treatments in addition to medication is "preaching to the chronic pain choir”. And I ask that you remember that for every story of a death from these medications there is another human being suffering who could be HELPED by these medications.


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