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So sorry for what you, our communities, and our children are going through with these addictions. I've had mothers come is crying as they tell me about their children's addictions to pain turned recreational med/drugs. Again I want to mention acupuncture, not as the only solution but as a great adjunct to therapy. There is a technique that can be done in group settings if someone cannot make it in for private treatments. Perhaps Alanon and Naranon could consider this group style either before, during, or after a meeting.

Participants sit and have very small needles inserted in their ears for about 25 minutes. They can continue with the meeting during this time as the acupuncturist quietly does the work. This can also be a very inexpensive way to treat. Just a thought.

There are a few studies showing how acupuncture can affect brain cells and I've seen some amazing healings. Perhaps KCTS9 would be interested in doing a program on this . . .


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